Adult Sunday School

2018 Summer School Series 

Soul Kindling: Hunger, thirst, striving, longing, desire.  Does your heart respond to God's Word with any of these emotions?  Join us this summer as we gather together to stir our hearts to burn with a greater passion and hunger for the Lord and how that looks in our lives.  This new series runs from June 3 - August 26 in the Sanctuary.

Topics include:

  • Hunger for Change
  • Hunger for The Word
  • Hunger to Obey from Faith and Love
  • Hunger for Authentic Worship
  • Hunger for Intimacy With God
  • Hunger to Present a Godly Spouse
  • Hunger for Community within the Body
  • Hunger to Present a Godly Spouse
  • Hunger for Raising Godly Kids
  • Hunger for His Return