Our Leadership


Stephen and Cindy Palm

Ryan and Emily Shannon

Catherine and Terry Sommers

Ron and Tracy Hartman

Stephen Palm

Senior Pastor

Ryan Shannon

Assoc. Pastor of Evangelism,

Catherine Sommers

Sr. Administrative Assistant 

Ron Hartman

Director of Worship

Cole Hartman

Director of Family Ministries


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      Elders                                                                                                     Deacons

David Nelson, Elder Board Chairman 1/23* CONTACT DAVID


Christ Kuster, Elder 1/25*CONTACT CHRIs Cindy Palm, CONTACT CINDY
Ryan Shannon, Elder 1/24*CONTACT Ryan Beth Kastorff, CONTACT BETH
Dan Shoemaker, Elder 1/24* CONTACT DAN David Gilmore, CONTACT DAVID

Administrative Council

Scott Johnson, Administrative Council Director 1/23* CONTACT SCOTT

Catherine Sommers, Assimilation, Administration & Communication Coordinator CONTACT CATHERINE

Ryan Shannon, Adult Ministry Coordinator CONTACT RYAN

Cole Hartman, Youth Ministry Coordinator CONTACT COLE

Lori Gilmore, Children's Ministry Coordinator CONTACT LORI

Tom Anderson, Missions Coordinator CONTACT TOM

Bob Mierop, Trustee CONTACT BOB

Mike Westerlund, Treasurer CONTACT MIKE

Ron Hartman, Worship Coordinator CONTACT RON

* Elected Term Expires