Staying Connected: GEFC COVID-19 Updates

A place for information about COVID-19

The church building is closed to non essential visits. Staff is available by phone and email during regular office hours.

Worship Services will be Online-only until further notice.

Due to COVID-19, our worship services will be online-only until further notice.

You can watch the service with others! Just go to the church Facebook Page, You can also watch previous live streams here.

March 28, 2020

We have completed our first week of "sheltering in place"! I suspect that we have an even deeper appreciation for community, having been separated from our family, friends, and church family. Here are a few announcements and resources for you.

Tomorrow's service: We prerecorded some additional worship songs before the sheltering in place restrictions hit.  We will broadcast these tomorrow along with Ryan's sermon concluding our Law & Grace series.  The best way to access the sermon is to search on YouTube or click on the website link.  You can also see it on our website by going to the resources tab and clicking on sermons.  We will post a link on Facebook to these files as well. (The links are below.)

Family Home Devotions: Throughout the Galatians series we have been providing coloring sheets for younger children and a family devotional for the family.  Click here if you would like to download this family resource.  These are also available on the church's facebook page.

Good Friday: The Good Friday service will be live streamed, and our plan is to have communion together.  In order to create a shared experience for us all, you will be receiving a communion delivery from a church volunteer containing a 5.5 oz can of grape juice, some communion cups and a sealed packet of crackers.  Deliveries will be made to your porch.

Stay Connected: We are doing our best to stay connected with you by using the resources we've had for years and launching new resources where we have had gaps.  Here are the ways that we communicate with you:

March 21, 2020: A few quick announcements:

  • The Baptism class and Baptism service are cancelled for now.
  • The Business meeting is cancelled until it can be rescheduled.
  • All the Men's Lenten Breakfasts are cancelled.
  • Catherine is permitted to work in the church building because of essential business functions such as paying bills, etc.
  • Pastor Steve and Ryan will be working from home. Catherine can direct calls to us, or you can call us directly from the numbers in the directory. Don't feel bad about "disturbing us at home." Home is where we work right now!
  • As of this afternoon the key card reader will be deactivated until the "shelter in place" order is rescinded.

March 20, 2020: *WARNING* - Potential fraud/scams- Multiple known phishing/spam sites have popped up posing as links to COVID-19 tracking maps, guidance or articles. COVID-19 phone apps that can turn on your phones microphone and camera have been confirmed. Door to door COVID-19 surveys are not legitimate and we ask that you call the Geneseo Police Department if you have anyone present themselves at your door posing as a COVID-19 Surveyor. Please continue to get your information from a known and credible source. Casey Disterhoft, Chief of Police, Geneseo Police Department, 309-944-5141

March 18, 2020: Good morning, GEFC! Let's think of ways that we can love others during this time of 'social distancing.' Our helpful tip for the day is to pull out your directory and make a couple of friendly phone calls to check up on some of our older church friends or those with significant health needs, to see how they are doing or if they need anything.

March 14, 2020: Please understand this is not a typical flu season. We assure you that other area churches are taking similar measures. Part of loving our neighbors is doing everything we can to slow the transmission of this disease that takes out the most vulnerable people, the very ones that Jesus called us to care for and show the love of Christ.

March 12, 2020: Last night the Elders spent some considerable time discussing the coronavirus and how to best protect our congregation. We are currently working through the Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations for Faith-based organizations. One of the top recommendations was to form a response team that will work quickly and bring recommendations to the Elders in a timely manner. Dr. David Nelson will be heading this team and is immediately working on recruiting members. It will be a small team so that it can work quickly, and will likely be composed of medical professionals who already have an understanding of public health.