Geneseo Evangelical Free Church

Visionary Parenting

Visionary Parenting

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Cost: $10.00


Nov 11 Morning Sessions

8:15 -Keynote: -Your Family and God's Plan for the World
9:45 -Bonus: -Building a Christian Worldview in Your Kids
10:45 -Keynote (same as 8:15) -Your Family and God's Plan for the World

Nov 11 Evening Sessions

3:00 -Session 1: -God's Grand Vision for the Home
4:00 -Session 2: -The Power of Family Worship
5:00 -Dinner Provided
6:00 -Session 3: -Discipline That Shapes the Heart
7:00-8:00 -Optional (For those who want to hear more about Rob's ministry and how God is working to revitalize families around the world.)

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