Adult Sunday School

Join us for Adult Sunday School from 9:30-10:30 a.m. between our two worship services (unless otherwise noted).

We encourage every adult to take part in the fellowship, encouragement, and teaching of one of our Adult Sunday School options. If you are new to GEFC, these classes are a great way to meet your new family here. If you’ve been around awhile, spread your wings and sit under the teaching of someone that you haven’t learned from before. You are sure to enjoy the biblical teaching and fellowship that each class offers.

Classes beginning March 1, 2020

Ray Vander Laan, Bible Teacher, "transports" us to a time and place in the Holy Land to help us have a sense of the land the culture of the Bible as it was written. The analogies and examples of the scripture convey God's truth in a powerful way as we walk with the people of Israel. The more fully we can appreciate those times and places, the more fully we can respond to the power of the Word.
Location: The Opening area of the Great Room
Teachers: Rick Clark & Dave Nelson

All of us have received natural gifts and talents. They are God's gift to all people at birth.  However, if you are a Christian, then you also have "Spiritual Gifts." They are God's gifts to you at re-birth. Discover your unique wiring through a 12-week journey featuring teaching and testing. 
Location: SE corner of the Great Room
Teachers: Pastor Steve and Paula Price

In the early church false teachers ran rampant among God's people. The same is true today because apostasy knows no end. Which makes Jude's command so timely for us today, as he calls every Christian to "contend for the faith”.
Location: Sanctuary
Teacher: Ryan Shannon