Nursery & Family Room

Our nursery is available during our Sunday morning worship service, beginning May 8th, 2022 for children aged 2 and under. The nursery is staffed with qualified adults. 

When the nursery is not staffed, the space can be used as a family room, for families with children aged 2 and under.

You are welcome to use this room during church service or Sunday School for a respite, diaper change or to feed your infant. Please note: this room is not staffed at this time. However, it is available for families with infants to use while at Geneseo E-Free Church. Feel free to come on in and use the space, as needed.

Please make sure children are always attended by an adult family member and respect that this room is only for families with small children (age 2 and under.)

The Sunday morning worship service is available in this room as you care for your little ones.