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Apr 25, 2021

Judgment, Prayer and the Golden Rule

Judgment, Prayer and the Golden Rule

Passage: Matthew 7:1-12

Speaker: Pastor Stephen Palm

Series: Matthew: The King and His Kingdom

Category: Expository Book Study

As we leave chapter 6 in the rear-view mirror and step into chapter 7, we are introduced to three separate topics. Unjust criticism (vv. 1 -6), Encouragement to pray (vv. 7 -11) and the Golden Rule (v. 12). At first glance these may seem unrelated to us, but they are not. Over the last two chapters (5 – 6) Jesus has laid out the principles for life in the coming kingdom. Now He is going to apply them to our daily lives. Chapter 7:1 is one the most misquoted and misunderstood verses in all of Scripture. Jesus isn’t teaching we shouldn’t judge or exercise our God given discernment, rather we are not to condemn those around us for their sin while we ourselves are guilty of the same charge. This righteous practice of judgment should be followed by petitioning God daily in our prayer lives.