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Aug 27, 2017

Gleanings from Ruth - The Turning Point

Gleanings from Ruth - The Turning Point

Passage: Ruth 1:1-18

Speaker: Pastor Stephen Palm

Series: Gleanings from Ruth

The story of Ruth is one of the most beautifully arranged narratives in all of the Bible. It is written during one of the darkest periods in the history of Israel, but it contains some of the clearest pictures of God’s redeeming love. In this first message, we will look at the turning point, also called "the valley of decision." Both Ruth and her mother in law find themselves facing the Jordan River valley and facing a choice whether to cross over and embrace the God of Israel. For Naomi it is a return to God, and for Ruth a turning in a radically new direction. The choice they make will change their lives and the nation of Israel forever.