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May 20, 2018

Joy in Sacrifice

Joy in Sacrifice

Passage: Philippians 3:1-11

Speaker: Pastor Stephen Palm

Series: Choosing the life of Joy

We typically seek for joy in the pursuit of happiness. It is a high value in our nation going back to our founding documents. However, the Apostle Paul teaches us that joy is found in sacrifice. When we identify with Jesus and His death on the cross, and live that sacrifice out in every corner of our lives, we find a greater and more resilient joy. This sermon, on Philippians 3:1-11 explores Paul's radical transvaluation of his life. Everything he once prized, he came to see as worse than garbage. Jesus became for Paul the "Pearl of Great Price." Also, we will explore how religion is the devil's cheap substitute for God's higher purpose for our lives, a deep and abiding relationship with our Heavenly Father through His Son, Jesus.