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Jan 27, 2019

Samuel's YES

Samuel's YES

Passage: 1 Samuel 3

Speaker: Pastor Stephen Palm

Series: Say YES

In 1 Samuel 3, the young pre-teen/teenager, Samuel, had been dedicated to the LORD from the time of his birth. However, Samuel did not yet recognize God’s voice. He lacked discernment, and the old priest, Eli, who was far from perfect, was able, nonetheless, to instruct Samuel in how to recognize and respond to the call of God. The young Samuel provides us with a critical lesson, but also a stellar example of saying Yes to God. At the end of the chapter, we see that God provides Samuel with a tremendous reward for saying YES. (Editor’s note: Bob Layman’s presentation had a recording issue and started mid-sentence. He is talking about a prisoner named Marco as a part of a prison ministry presentation.)