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Aug 28, 2022

Birth Pains

Birth Pains

Passage: Matthew 24:1-14

Speaker: Pastor Stephen Palm

Series: Matthew: The King and His Kingdom

Category: Expository Book Study

There is a comment in the Talmud that “He who has not seen the Temple of Herod has never seen a beautiful building”. Although the Second Temple was initially simple and disappointing it was greatly beautified and expanded by King Herod and became a source of national pride. When Jesus predicted its destruction, he unleashed a torrent of hatred on the part of the Jewish leaders. Cole will take us through this prediction in the first two verses of our text and Pastor Steve will teach through Jesus’ teaching concerning the labor pains of the end-times. In the process we will learn that many of us have missed something very important to understanding Jesus’ teaching concerning these “signs” of the end-times.