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Mar 08, 2020

Called to Freedom

Called to Freedom

Passage: Galatians 5:1-15

Speaker: Pastor Stephen Palm

Series: Law & Grace – A Study in Galatians

Category: Faith

God gave the Jews circumcision as a means of setting them apart. It was part of their being called as a chosen people. Paul’s opponents are referred to elsewhere as the “circumcision party.” They were angered that Paul was not requiring the Gentile converts to receive the covenant symbol of circumcision. However, they missed God’s true intention concerning circumcision. God’s main goal was not exclusively to create a nation of people bearing a physical sign of selection. God desired that these people and the Gentiles they would reach would ultimately have circumcised hearts – hearts that were responsive to God. In essence, Paul is telling them that their backward glance focus on the old covenant is actually undercutting the very message of Jesus. Paul uses the strongest of language to rebuke this and emphasize Jesus’ true standard of saving faith, a genuine love for God and for our neighbor.