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Feb 27, 2022

Divine Deliverance, Delivery, and Discretion

Divine Deliverance, Delivery, and Discretion

Passage: Matthew 17:14-27

Speaker: Pastor Ryan Shannon

Series: Matthew: The King and His Kingdom

Category: Expository Book Study

As Christ and his three disciples reach the base of the mountain after Peter, James and John witness his glory, they are swarmed by a crowd awaiting their arrival. A man emerges from the sea of people, and he pleads with Jesus to heal his son, whose soul is stricken with an evil spirit. In Jesus’ absence, the other nine disciples were powerless to heal the boy. The demon is rebuked in just a few short words, and the child is healed instantly. Confused by their powerlessness over the kingdom of darkness, the disciples ask privately, why could we not cast it out? Jesus tells them because of their little faith. Instead of focusing on the power and authority given to them by Christ (Matt. 10:1,8). They trusted in their flesh and thus became weak, unable to move the mountain set before them. We, too, have mountains in our lives; through the will of God, some will stay, and some will go; it is only through true faith in Christ that we can overcome them. Returning to Galilee with all twelve apostles, Jesus for the second time confronts them with the reality of his coming crucifixion. Disturbed by this statement, the disciples were greatly distressed. Not only were they in fear of losing their Messiah, but the fulfillment of taking up their cross (Matt. 16:24) is drawing near. We now find Jesus and the disciples in Capernaum, where a trap is set for Christ by a tax collector. Knowing all things, Jesus directs Peter to go fishing, and when he does, his first catch will have a shekel in its mouth to pay the temple tax. At first glance, it would seem all three of these topics are unrelated. But when you dig down, Jesus’ deity is on display each time. As he subjects the unseen realm to his power and authority, prophecies about suffering and resurrection and miraculously places a coin in a fish’s mouth.