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Apr 04, 2021

Epic Victory

Epic Victory

Passage: Mark 16:1-8

Speaker: Pastor Stephen Palm

Series: Epic Easter

Category: Holy Week

Mark focuses all his attention on the women who came to Jesus’ grave and first discovered that he was risen. They started the morning anticipating a painful and thankless task – completing the process of preparing and preserving Jesus’ body with spices. They expected to see Jesus’ mangled remains which Isaiah the prophet described as being appalling and marred beyond human likeness (Isa. 52:14). It was to be a gut-wrenching task. On top of that, they had no real plan on how they were going to move the stone that sealed His tomb. Would the guards be willing to help? Resurrection Sunday reminds us of how many of our fears and worst-case scenarios never take place. Their spices would not be needed. The stone would be no problem. And instead of the horrible sight of Jesus’ tortured remains, they would see a glorious angel with the epic message of Easter – that they would soon see Jesus.