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Aug 01, 2021

Jesus Exalts John the Baptist

Jesus Exalts John the Baptist

Passage: Matthew 11:1-24

Speaker: Pastor Ryan Shannon

Series: Matthew: The King and His Kingdom

Category: Expository Book Study

J.C. Ryle, a well-known bible scholar of yesteryear once said, “doubting does not prove that a man has no faith, but only that his faith is small. And even when our faith is small, the Lord is ready to help us.” In the first 19 verses of Matthew chapter 11 we are going to see one of Jesus’ greatest servants, John the Baptist, experience doubts about his faith. Like John, when we earnestly seek Jesus in those difficult moments the Lord does not turn us away for having a small faith. It shows us that even when we do experience seasons of doubt God still uses us mightily for His purposes.