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Feb 02, 2020

Justification by Faith

Justification by Faith

Passage: Galatians 3:1-14

Speaker: Pastor Stephen Palm

Series: Law & Grace – A Study in Galatians

Category: Faith

The Judaizers took great pride in being followers of Moses and the Law. But, tragically, they missed an earlier lesson in Scripture – the Lesson of Abraham. Abraham was a man of faith. He believed and was justified not by his works, but by his faith. This text became the key inspiration of the early reformers of the church. There is an unfortunate tendency for faith to be eclipsed by works. It happened quickly in the first century, it continued to grow during the first 1500 years of church history and even in the 21st century we see people begin in faith and slip into legalism and works. Paul uses the strongest possible language to describe this pivot from faith to works. He calls it accursed in that it distorts the true gospel. The clear lesson for us is that we need to continually look out for this tendency to slip from a simple obedience to a desire to earn God’s love. This performance standard undercuts our position in Christ and makes God’s love conditional.