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Feb 28, 2021

Lust and Divorce

Lust and Divorce

Passage: Matthew 5:27-32

Speaker: Pastor Ryan Shannon

Series: Matthew: The King and His Kingdom

Category: Expository Book Study

We have all heard the phrase, “the eyes are the window to the soul,” Jesus makes this clear in Matthew 6:22 when he says, “the eye is the lamp of your body.” If we rub the dirt of this world into our eyes it will dim our lamp affecting our thoughts and behaviors. This is why Jesus went above the Mosaic Law and said if you look at a woman with lustful intent you have committed adultery with her in your heart (v. 28). When sin of lust begins to take root in our minds, we are to deal with it decisively before it turns into an action. The warning from Christ is it is better to walk around this life maimed than to hold onto our sin and bear its penalties in this life and the one to come. In verses 31 and 32 Jesus introduces us to his teaching on the topic of divorce, which he will expound more fully in Matthew 19.