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Aug 15, 2021

Sabbath Wars

Sabbath Wars

Passage: Matthew 12:1-8

Speaker: Pastor Stephen Palm

Series: Matthew: The King and His Kingdom

Category: Expository Book Study

In Matthew 11:25-30 Jesus identifies what kind of rabbi he was. The rabbis of His day bragged about how heavy their “yoke” of rules and regulations were. They added many new laws and burdens. Jesus rejected this approach, and He invited his followers to come to Him and assured them that His yoke was light. The Pharisees had an especial fondness for burdening the Sabbath with endless dos and don’ts. There are two chapters in the Mishnah (A Jewish Commentary on the Law of Moses) and ultimately 8 chapters in the Talmud (A later commentary on the Mishnah) filled with Sabbath laws. God’s simple gift of a day of rest became a drudgery, and even a day where there was no time for compassion because these Jewish religious leaders viewed healing and helping as works! Jesus restores the simplicity of the Sabbath and in the process, He both teaches and demonstrates something we desperately need to recapture… God’s plan for rest for those of us who place heavy yokes upon ourselves by running ourselves ragged.