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Aug 23, 2020

Serving the One God

Serving the One God

Passage: Judges 3:12-30

Speaker: Pastor Ryan Shannon

Series: Jesus in the book of Judges

Category: Church-Life

Our pronunciation of this judge’s name obscures the prophetic meaning of his name. We say “Ehud”, but his name is “Echad”. This is one of the most theologically significant words in the Hebrew Bible. “Echad doesn’t mean solitary oneness. It means composite oneness, a one that is composed out of different parts. At this point there is no Israel. There are twelve disunited tribes. God’s intention was for his people to be “one unity”, a reflection of His own tri-une nature. Part of the story of the Book of Judges is the story of God creating a unified nation that would be greater than the tribal sum of its parts. You may be familiar with the funny title that Ehud was the “Lefty who killed the Hefty”. But the Hebrew text does not say that Ehud was left-handed. It says that Ehud was “impeded in his right hand”. He could have been born with a crippled right hand. Or, more likely, he could have sustained a battle wound that crippled his right hand. The irony is that he is from the tribe of Benjamin which means “Son of My Right Hand.” Ehud was allowed access to the enemy Moabite King Eglon because he was perceived as being no threat. The corpulent Eglon lost his life due to this miscalculation by his guards. Ehud paints a portrait of Jesus. He looked weak, but there was strength in his other hand. Jesus, beaten and battered on the cross looks like a victim, but his death on the cross secured his victory. He is the ultimate example of Strength in Weakness.