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Dec 02, 2018

Shaken and Rebuilt

Shaken and Rebuilt

Passage: Amos 8:4-9:15

Speaker: Pastor Stephen Palm

Series: Amos-God’s Roar for Justice and Mercy

In Amos Chapter 8, we seek that God reaches his last straw with Israel. Not only are they continually doing evil, they are eager to do it, defrauding and starving their neighbors. God issues some final warnings. They are not so much second chances.... more of a map of coming judgment. In chapter 9, we see Amos' fifth vision, a vision of a shaken temple, an image of the coming destruction of the pagan temple at Bethel. This very stern book ends with a warm promise of hope. God will raise up and rebuild the "fallen hut" of David and use captivity as a crucible to finally reunite His people, ultimately under their messianic king. Under Jesus' rule, they will never be uprooted again.