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Jun 27, 2021

The Care and Compassion of the King

The Care and Compassion of the King

Passage: Matthew 9:27-38

Speaker: Pastor Ryan Shannon

Series: Matthew: The King and His Kingdom

Category: Expository Book Study

In the last message of chapter 9 the power, authority and compassion of Jesus is on display once again. After the miracle of raising Jairus’ daughter from the dead in the Capernaum people are flocking to Jesus. Wherever Christ goes there is always a crowd, which catches the attention of two blind men that seek to be healed by Jesus when they cry out for his mercy. Rather than heal them on the spot, Jesus tests their faith to see if they are following him only for his miracles or because they believe he is the Messiah. Jesus’ question to them, “do you believe I am able to do this” reveals the true nature of their heart when they immediately respond “yes, Lord.” In that moment, their faith becomes their sight for they are physically and spiritually healed. This healing teaches us to examine our own spiritual eyesight and to see if it is growing stronger or weaker. After the two men leave, a demon oppressed man who is mute is brought to the feet of Jesus and without hesitation, he casts the demon out on the spot. This culmination of miracles has led the crowds to say, “nothing like this has ever happened in Israel before.” Not everyone is convinced that Jesus has the power and authority of God. The Pharisees attribute all his healings to the power of the devil. It is here they approach the threshold of the unpardonable sin. But Jesus does not let his critics stand in the way nor does it stop him from having compassion on the multitudes and ministering to them where they are. Our Lord knows he can’t do it all by himself so he enlists the disciples to pray that God would send laborers into the field to harvest souls. A request that God will surely honor. The principle for us is, which field is the Lord calling us to work in? The one next door or around the world?