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Aug 08, 2021

The Importance of Personal Discipleship

The Importance of Personal Discipleship

Passage: Matthew 11:25-30

Speaker: Assistant Dir. Cole Hartman

Series: Matthew: The King and His Kingdom

Category: Expository Book Study

In the final verses of chapter 11 Jesus moves from challenging the nation of Israel to repent and seek the kingdom of heaven to presenting himself to each person as the only pathway for salvation. The wise and understanding are so full of their own knowledge and pride that they are not open to truths of who Jesus really is. But those who stand before God with arms wide open display the childlike faith that God desires. And through that humility the truth of who Christ is becomes known to them and God’s gracious will opens their hearts to receive him gladly. This begins the pathway of personal discipleship and an open invitation to come to Jesus and share our yoke with him so we can find rest for our weary souls.