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Jan 05, 2020

The True Gospel

The True Gospel

Passage: Galatians 1:1-10

Speaker: Pastor Stephen Palm

Series: Law & Grace – A Study in Galatians

Category: Faith

The Book of Galatians is one of Paul’s earliest epistles. During Paul’s First Missionary Journey, around 48 AD, the apostle brings the gospel to Galatia, a province in modern day Turkey. He travels throughout the Galatian province sharing the gospel and then catches a ship in Attalia for the journey back home. However, shortly after leaving Galatia, he learns that as soon as he left, false teachers came bringing a false gospel. Paul is “astonished” at how quickly the people he had ministered to succumbed to this other gospel that undercut the clear message of grace. There is a powerful lesson for us. False gospels abound. They are often appeal to our instinctual belief that we must do something in order to be saved. We must become adept at recognizing when a given message, no matter how appealing, undercuts the message of salvation by grace through faith.