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Oct 04, 2020

United with Jesus Christ

United with Jesus Christ

Passage: Romans 6:1-10

Speaker: Pastor Ryan Shannon

Series: General

The book of Romans is one of the most theologically dense books in all of Scripture. For the first five chapters the Apostle Paul goes into detail about mankind’s sinfulness and how we desperately need a Savior. That Savior is Jesus Christ who came in the flesh and became a sinless sacrifice, so that we could be justified (declared righteous) in God’s sight when we trust in him by faith alone for salvation alone. Once we are made righteous in God’s sight by the shed blood of his son, we must grow in our relationship with him. This is called sanctification and it is a lifelong process where the Holy Spirit conforms us to the image of Jesus Christ. We have all heard the expression that “knowledge is power.” Paul must have been familiar with this phrase also, because in the beginning in chapter 6 he wants us to know that through the power of Holy Spirit we have been baptized into an unbreakable union with Jesus Christ (6:3) that has separated us from our sin and its desires. Paul uses the powerful imagery of baptism to illustrate that we have died to our old self and are now made alive in Jesus Christ, so we can live a life pleasing to God.