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Nov 15, 2020

We are Citizens of Heaven

We are Citizens of Heaven

Passage: Philippians 3:17-21

Speaker: Pastor Stephen Palm

Series: Identity: Who We Are In Christ

Category: Christian Living

A big part of our identity is our national identity. Most of us are natural born citizens of this nation. Some of us chose to renounce former allegiances and pledge allegiance to this country. But God’s Kingdom is different. Nobody is a natural born citizen. God’s Kingdom is a kingdom of immigrants. It is filled with people whom God has chosen. It is filled with people who have chosen God. But becoming citizens of heaven requires us to renounce all former allegiances. For many millennia Satan has claimed dominion over this world. The systems of this world’s governments reflect his evil. For the Christian, our highest allegiance is to our King and His Kingdom. This creates a very real tension as we are called to live in this world and yet not be “of it.”