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Nov 08, 2020

We Are Friends of Christ

We Are Friends of Christ

Passage: John 15:12-17

Speaker: Pastor Stephen Palm

Series: Identity: Who We Are In Christ

Category: Christian Living

We have already focused on the fact that Jesus has adopted us into His family. But he also called His disciples His friends. Friendship is different from family love. It can be every bit as close but operates on different principles. You don’t choose your family. Some are easy to love. Some are hard and it takes a lifetime to learn to love them consistently. But you do choose your friends and your friends choose you. Jesus chose you! But he also warns us that just as He loves His friends and is loved by them, He has enemies and they hate both Jesus and His friends. Increasingly there are those in our culture who despise Christians. They disparage us because “The dogma speaks loudly in us” to quote a U.S. Senator. Choosing Jesus as a friend is the best choice you can make, but He wants us to understand that it is a costly choice. Yet, not choosing to befriend Him is costlier yet.