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Sep 12, 2021

Worthless Self – Reformation and New Relationships

Worthless Self – Reformation and New Relationships

Passage: Matthew 12:43-50

Speaker: Pastor Stephen Palm

Series: Matthew: The King and His Kingdom

Category: Expository Book Study

Mark Twain once said that “man is a religious animal.” This quote draws a picture of the Pharisees who were like rabid dogs when it came to keeping their rules and rituals. Throughout Matthew chapter 12 these unfaithful shepherds have led Israel’s sheep astray and stonewalled Jesus at every turn. Denying his deity and committing the greatest sin by attributing his power to the work of Satan. All because they were power hungry and believed by keeping the Law, they would be acceptable in the sight of God. In the harshest of terms, the King compares the self – righteous religious leaders to a house that was abandoned by an evil spirit, but later returns with seven spirits that are more evil than itself. Jesus’ illustration teaches us that once a spiritual vacuum is created within a person the Holy Spirit must occupy that space. Otherwise, it will be much harder for that person to receive Christ. In verse 46 Matthew switches gears and focuses on Jesus’ teaching about new relationships. Because his mother and brothers have shown up unannounced wanting to speak to him. Christ takes this opportunity to stress the importance of discipleship over family relationships. The family adage says, “blood is always thicker than water.” In the kingdom of heaven that principle does not apply, because all who do the will of the Father in heaven by believing in His son are equal at the foot of the cross.