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Something to Absorb

by Cole Hartman on July 05, 2022

I have lately been thinking about the emotional state of our world. I largely think of my own generation and those younger, but all across the generational spectrum, why is it that we seem to feel emotions on a new level today? There are divisions throughout every sect of the world, there are disagreements regarding every decision, topic, and progression of our nation and our world. Why?

I began to believe more and more that we have progressed from a previously innocent approach to understanding our emotions; and have now entered into place of navigating them as if the very air we breathe contained it. To become a more emotional world and society, it has to start somewhere; and I believe it began with the desire to understand and has now left us more darkly confused than we could have imagined. The worst part is not even this itself. Yes, we are more emotional, more fragile, more sensitive to our feelings than perhaps you or I had ever dreamed necessary. However, what I see as a worse effect is that within the church. 

For years, churches had simply popped up as the population of Christians in a specific area increased. Sure, there were disagreements even in Moses' day. There were arguments and disbelief across the population (as is normal for our human race) that have not changed at all in our world today. The unique thing is that worship of God and service to Him, used to simply be out of obedience. If I could sum up the worldly issue, we see rising today it is this: Worship cannot be obedience until worship stirs feeling. 

What we are seeing today is that faithful churches do not stir enough emotion to make our younger generations stay. They at least are somehow stirring the wrong emotions as people seem to believe leaving is as easy as a drive-thru. If the church of the younger generations were drive-in/drive-thru services; I wonder how successful we would be with a generation that wants the next shiny object. 

People are leaving church whom we would call family. People are not serving their church as we considered the duty of our attendance. People are not giving to the church we would consider the largest expectation of a member. People are taking, much more than they are receiving. Without giving practical steps to fix; as I believe this must be prayed through each individual pastor in each individual church; I do not think the answer can be to accommodate, but rather extend a hand. The difference here is one in settling vs. caring. As a church, we cannot bend over for every need, especially those outside of the Christian walk and practices, but we are called to show mercy and compassion to our neighbor. If there is an emotional problem, we must emotionally care enough to help these generations step out of this dependence. This is when and where the unity and foundation of the church counts. 

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